To our beloved MITM community,

I am thrilled to announce our season. We don’t see this as coming BACK after COVID-19 but going FORWARD. COVID-19 has accelerated many things digitally and we know that our concerts are a lot more than just having our artists performing music. It is what they tell us from the stage, the special moments they connect personally through stories, memories, and passions. It’s why June, Christine, and I have done as much as we could to not only bring online performances to you during our time away from live concerts, but to bring those special moments with our artists front and center.

These won’t stop! That’s why MITM isn’t just coming back. We are moving forward with concerts and our online JAaM (June, Adrian and Music) Sessions, which explore so many of these topics with our artists in-depth.

This season has been a labour of love and I hope our MITM audiences will receive it with the same excitement and optimism that’s gone into its creation! You will note we are kicking things off differently by skipping a December concert week. June tells me in the earliest seasons of MITM, this is what we did. It also made sense this season because December is when we’ve had most incidences of our subscription audiences calling in sick because of illnesses like common colds. This freed up room for some innovation in our September residency — an extension of what MITM founder, June Goldsmith, so boldly envisioned as a unique characteristic of our beloved concert series: seeing more value in having multiple days of more intimate performances given to smaller audiences rather than artists drifting in to play one show for the largest group possible. I invite you to read more about our artist residency on the website.

And please let me know what you think of the season! You will see old favourites and some newcomers (the inimitable and Grammy-winning Third Coast Percussion are newcomers to us here at MITM).

Adrian Fung
Executive & Artistic Director