“When you’re a student, you’re judged by how well you answer questions. But in life, you’re judged by how good your questions are.” – Robert Lander

During my studies at McGill University, I was moved to read that the French translation for my major program was not music performance; it was interpretation. The idea that artists spread their feathers like performing peacocks melted from my mind. I began to realize the importance of an artistry which was ever exploring the benefits of deeper meaning. E. E. Cummings wrote compellingly: “Always the beautiful answer who asks a more beautiful question.”

Every artist on the series shares something in common: an indefatigable passion for asking the right questions about the music we have chosen to present. Whether it’s the irrepressible enthusiasm of a young Canadian soprano in Alexandra Smither, the captivating depths of Pedja Muzijevic’s interpretative insights, the innovative use of space and sound via the German Calmus vocal ensemble, the warmth of personality in Trio Celeste, or the breathtaking poetry in the London Haydn Quartet, all the artists in our upcoming season brim with a creative inquisitiveness I admire.

We open the season with our beloved St. Lawrence String Quartet and a special treat: The return of our past Artistic Director, Barry Shiffman, to his role with the Quartet as 2nd violinist, who is filling in for their current violinist’s paternal leave. As we all send our warmest wishes to Owen Dalby during this monumental time, we are excited to welcome this rare opportunity to hear SLSQ in one of their earliest and longstanding formations!

We close the season with a beginning of sorts. Though German-Canadian cellist Johannes Moser is no stranger to the international stages as soloist of some of the greatest orchestras like the Berlin, New York, and Los Angeles Philharmonics, he will be making his debut with us this year.

Finally, I’m also thrilled to announce the beginning of a new series, Noon with June. Our founder, June Goldsmith, has been an incredible support for all our new initiatives from the Summer Music Vancouver Chamber Institute to agreeing to share her infectious joy and wit with four of our celebrated concert series artists in these lunchtime events. Please join June for insights and bites as she interviews our artists in the Christ Church Cathedral concert hall after four of our Friday morning performances. These conversations will explore the music, the musicians, and all of the great stories that bring us all together.

I look forward to more beautiful questions indeed!

Signature of Adrian Fung

Adrian Fung
Executive Artistic Director

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