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World-renowned musicians are coming to a Thursday near you!

Happy Hour Concerts offer an intimate and unique musical experience in Downtown Vancouver, set in beautiful acoustic venues glowing with leading international artists and GRAMMY Award-nominated talent.

These exclusive musicians are in the highest demand all over the world and perform a wide range of music genres, from classical to blues, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the performance and relax in the soothing atmosphere with your friends and colleagues.

These exhilarating and thought-provoking 45-minute concerts will leave you wanting more!

Thousands of audience members can't be wrong: Book your tickets today!

Happy Hour concerts are limited to just 90 seats! ACT NOW!
(Includes 1 Free Drink)

Next Concert:

Afiara Quartet

  • DOORS & BAR OPEN: 5:00 pm
  • SHOW START: 5:55 pm
  • SHOW END: 6:45 pm
  • EVENT END: 7:30 pm
Every concert, connect with friends new and old over drinks as our artists transport you with sounds and stories from classical to modern, hip hop to blues.
We have been astounding audiences for 40 years.
Read the FIVE REASONS why HAPPY HOUR CONCERTS need to be IN your life


Small audience sizes: Our company has always prioritized intimate concert settings. We expand our concerts not by getting larger concert halls, but by adding shows in the same venue our audiences have grown to love. This keeps the intimacy and organic electricity of live performances fresh and gripping. With audience demand for more concerts over the years, we purposefully expanded not to a larger concert hall.


Great insights: Our artists represent the cream of the crop. All artists have an incredible love for connecting with our audiences, for sharing stories and insights they've gleaned from the works you will enjoy.

Great peers: Connect with other ambitious and curious individuals in your community. Our audiences are friendly, explorative intellectually, open artistically, and come from all walks of life. Many have led or are leading incredible careers and stories. Lifelong friendships are made and maintained here.


Our artists are regarded as the best in the field, with Grammy and JUNO Award winners, top prizes from the leading international music competitions, Lincoln Center Honors, Orders of Canada, etc. This season boasts artists like Marc-Andre Hamelin, Johannes Moser, Viano and Isidore Quartets, Rob Kapilow from "What Makes It Great?", violinists Timothy and Nikki Chooi. The list goes on!

This June 6 concert is going to be one of the most riveting shows you've ever attended with a drink in hand.

An exploration of blues, classical music, and indescribable intersections of beauty -- even if the music calls for spectral opposites of mood, from raucous energy to quiet reflection.


The music programs always leave our audiences wanting more: The night of conversation and networking is long; but meaningful music-making is presented in a concise and powerful 40-minute program with no intermission. Designed with variety, beauty, and rejuvenation in mind.

You will revisit the genius and familiar masterpieces of the classical music repertoire but also be introduced to incredible new music of today, flourishing at the intersection of classical, blues, rock, and hip hop. You will be intrigued as you discover music you hadn't heard before and stories behind them. Weaving some of the greatest examples of human ingenuity from music alongside other topics like industry, economics, travel, food, leisure, and technology, there's something that always keeps our audiences titillated.


Blow off steam from the work week. Refresh yourself with a drink and insightful conversation. Be transported by sounds otherworldly and familiar.

There's a reason why our Happy Hour experience can not be replicated.

Come see for yourself!
Tickets include one drink of your choice
(Wine, beer, cocktail, or non-alcoholic)
Regular price: $30
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If you are dissatisfied, we will make it right -- or your money back!

The PAL Studio Theatre (581 Cardero Street) is easily accessed by public transportation, including the SkyTrain. The closest SkyTrain station to PAL Studio Theatre is Burrard Station on the Expo Line. From there, it’s a short walk or bus ride to the theatre.

The Pyatt Hall is well-served by public transportation, including the SkyTrain system. The closest SkyTrain station to Pyatt Hall is Granville Station on the Expo Line. From there, it’s just a short walk or bus ride to the venue.

Doors and Bar Open – 5:00 pm
Concert – 5:55 pm

Concert ends by 6:45 pm. Happy Hour event ends at 8:00 pm.

Pyatt Hall (843 Seymour Street) is easily accessed by public transportation, including the SkyTrain. If you’re taking the Expo Line, hop off the train at Granville station and head south on Seymour towards Smithe Street. If you’re taking the Canada Line, exit at Vancouver City Centre station and walk south on Seymour street towards Smithe. Pyatt Hall can also be accessed by many trolley bus lines. Check the Translink website for schedules and routes.

Doors and Bar Open – 5:00 pm
Concert – 5:55 pm

Concert ends by 6:45 pm. Happy Hour event ends at 8:00 pm.


December 14, 2024

Nikki Chooi, violin
Timothy Chooi, violin

January 11, 2024

Viano String Quartet

January 18, 2024

Viano String Quartet
Stephen Prutsman, piano


Option 1: Do Nothing and Miss Out

Is FOMO real? Definitely if you're not coming to HAPPY HOUR. You might get dinner somewhere or go home -- and it will likely be a forgettable evening -- one in several thousand evenings. Have you ever gone to an event and THANKED YOURSELF for doing so? Because you never would have dreamed it could have been this good and you can't believe you were seriously about to pass up a life-changing experience because you didn't feel like something new?

Don't let this happen on Thursday, June 6. It's only $25!

Option 2: Book the Ticket and Thank Yourself

After a Happy Hour concert, you will be telling your friends (whether on iMessage or by the "cooler") about the Vancouver's best kept secret. We'd say more... but we'd prefer to let the event do the talking!

See you there!

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