"Mezzo-soprano, Julie Nesrallah is a singer, actress and broadcaster who dazzles audiences with her engaging personality, and her rich and deeply expressive voice."


Morning Coffee, Cookies... AND A CONCERT

Music In The Morning Concert Society (MitM) has been thrilling audiences for 39 years

Called the “Best Kept Secret In Town”… It’s time we get to know one another!

“MITM is one of the most important events in my year. I have come to realize how important it is to have beauty in my life.” – Pat M.

MitM brings you the greatest musicians in the world in a friendly, unpretentious, and intimate environment. This happens every month from October to April.

Our musicians are specially chosen: It’s not enough that they are some of the greatest, Grammy Award-winning artists… They also have a unique desire to connect with audiences with both musical and spoken stories from the stage.

These concerts are ONLY ONE HOUR, feature no intermission, and you can have all the coffee, tea, and baked treats you’d like.

Thousands of audience members can’t be wrong: Come see what all the fuss is about!


Next Concerts:


February 20-22, 2024, 10:30 am

February 23, 2024, 10:30 am

Every concert, connect with friends new and old over coffee, tea, and homemade treats from our celebrated catering. These unlimited, delectable treats are free with your subscription.


Julie Nesrallah will light up our morning stage with her trademark charisma and artistry alongside the critically praised collaborative abilities of pianist Kinza Tyrrell. You may not need your morning coffee this month! In a program traversing some of the vocal repertoire’s most relished arias and songs, our audience will leave the hall transported by tapping feet, humming tunes, and a bounce to their step.


We have been astounding audiences for 40 years.



Small audience sizes: MitM has always prioritized intimate concert settings. We originally presented one concert a month. With audience demand for more concerts over the years, we purposefully expanded not to a larger concert hall. We repeated the concert program in the same week to accommodate more audiences while retaining the intimate connection with the artists on stage. We are now presenting four concerts a month, Tuesday to Friday.  


Great insights: MitM’s roster of artists lead the world in achievement and are the cream of the crop. MitM’s choice of artists is even more demanding, however. They must also have an incredible love for connecting with our audiences, for sharing stories from their career experiences, whether it be funny anecdotes from tours or recording projects or insights they’ve gleaned from the compositions you will enjoy.

Great peers: Connect with other passionate and curious individuals in your community. Our audiences are friendly, explorative intellectually, open artistically, and come from all walks of life. Many are part of walking clubs, reading clubs, and other types of hobbies, and have led or are leading incredible careers in all industries. Lifelong friendships are made and maintained at MitM.


Our artists are regarded as the best in the field, with Grammy and JUNO Award winners, top prizes from the leading international music competitions, Lincoln Center Honors, Orders of Canada, etc. This season boasts artists like Marc-Andre Hamelin, Johannes Moser, Mark Steinberg, Jonathan Biss, Viano and Isidore Quartets, Rob Kapilow from “What Makes It Great?”, violinists Timothy and Nikki Chooi.


The music programs always leave our audiences wanting more: These hour-long programs have no intermission, and designed with vareity, beauty, and rejuvenation in mind. You will revisit the genius and familiar masterpieces of the classical music repertoire. You will be intrigued as you discover music you hadn’t heard before and stories behind them. Weaving some of the greatest examples of human ingenuity from music alongside other topics like industry, economics, travel, food, leisure, and technology, there’s something that always keeps our audiences titillated. 


From ease of access and parking at our venues to the free coffee/tea and treats, from connecting with your friends new and old over some of the greatest music ever written to being fascinated over a musical insight, MitM’s experience is a world that has been imitated — but never replicated — for 40 years.

Get immersed and be part of the excitement! 



Former Director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) says:

“Music finds a way to bring people who are otherwise not within the reach of traditional medical ways of helping them — into a space of remarkable response.”

Dr. Nina Kraus (Northwestern University) has published seminal research showing how music has strong correlations with improvements to one’s hearing, physical and mental health, and communication. Dr. Kraus’ work is especially interesting for charting how music has a positive effect on the delay of cognitive decline and dementia.



If you are dissatisfied after your first concert with us, we will make it right — or your money back!


October 10-13, 2023

Isidore String Quartet

November 7-10, 2023

Jonathan Biss, piano
Mark Steinberg, violin

December 12-15, 2023

Nikki Chooi, violin
Timothy Chooi, violin

January 9-13, 2024

Viano String Quartet*

January 16-19, 2024

Viano String Quartet*
Stephen Prutsman, piano

Julie Nesrallah, mezzo-soprano
Kinza Tyrrell, piano

Rob Kapilow’s ‘What Makes It Great?’ ® Beethoven’s Pathétique Sonata Performed by David Fung, piano

Marc-André Hamelin, piano
Johannes Moser, cello

June 8, 2024


(One Concert Ticket)

*June-Goldsmith Quartet-in-Residence

TUESDAY-THURSDAY: Located in Vanier Park, the Vancouver Academy of Music has ample parking options, bus connections to Kitsilano, Dunbar and Downtown, and quick water taxi service to explore Granville Island and False Creek.​

FRIDAY: Christ Church Cathedral is centrally located among Downtown Vancouver’s major transit hubs. It is steps away from the Expo and Canada Line Sky Trains and boasts easy bus connections to the North Shore, West End and Kitsilano.​

Refreshments – 10:00 am
Concert – 10:30 am

“Just to let you know, that was a great interview happening – with Adrian, June and Barry. I thoroughly enjoyed it and it definitely put a smile on my face. Thanks so much for keeping in touch this way.”

“Absolutely wonderful! Thank you dear friends. This is a beautiful beginning to the festive Season. Your gifts to our city are deeply appreciated. You bring us together in joy and help us celebrate great artists!”

“This was the best part of my week, maybe even my month. It has been over 20 years since I have been able to see a live music performance.”
-John, Union Gospel Mission Guest

“We know that music has a special way of speaking to our souls and healing from deep within, but for many of our guests on the Downtown Eastside live music is a luxury that is beyond their reach. That was until this past fall when Music in the Morning partnered with our UGM community to
provide an afternoon of heartwarming melodies. We could physically see our guests lean into the rest that the music was offering them. Thank you for sharing this special gift with our community.”
-Union Gospel Mission Team

“I am so grateful to Music in the Morning for the warmth and depth of their outreach programs.”

“I wanted to say thank you for all you’ve done, which would have been shared by everyone there and therefore given you validation. Plus, the quality of the people who come to perform is outstanding, as well as the breadth of the performers and the programmes.” [re: Adrian Fung]

“…Thank you for the great job you are doing at the helm of Music in the Morning. Your warm, gracious tone in the introductions and your excellent programming make this the best place to be on a Wednesday morning. Bravo!” [re: Adrian Fung]

“Hello Adrian, many thanks for the indelible Boccherini last week… every moment a joy to have you REALLY WITH US! Very best wishes.”

“Thank you so much for sending me the recording of the April concert. I was surprised and delighted to receive it. A lovely program beautifully performed which I can now enjoy as often as I wish.”

“Thank you so much for connecting with us and bringing Calmus yesterday. I have been stopped a number of times by community members that attended saying how it was a highlight to their week and how much they appreciated the group coming and sharing.”
-KB, Staff at Union Gospel Mission

“…Congratulations. You take on one challenging challenge after another!! This one is very prestigious indeed! Thank you for carrying June’s vision forward these past 7 years.”

“You have brought amazing musicians to Music in the Morning. Just like June, you have made a significant difference to all subscribers. My parents heard of June (Goldsmith) from my dad’s cousin Lionel Goodman whose name resides on the west Wall of the Academy’s building inside the entrance. They attended every concert possible from the beginning of this organization’s start. When my dad passed away in 2000 I continued to attend with my mother until Feb 2016 when she passed away. At the age of 92. I subscribed my daughter and invited other friends to join me for what I consider a secret jewel in the world of musical culture. My family looks forward to enjoying the rest of this season.”


Option 1: Don't Come and Miss a Morning of Awe, Wonder, and Rejuvenation

Our audiences share stories of being transported. They are surprised at how live music performed by our carefully chosen, exceptional artists can be so powerful. We need rest, beauty, and joy so much these days. Sandra B. says, "I didn't even realize how much I needed this!"

Option 2: Bask Each Month in the Exhilaration of Beautiful Connection

Get your ticket and bask in the musical warmth. You will have a guaranteed seat to some of the greatest, distinct musical experiences Vancouver has to offer. "It's the best thing on my calendar!" says one MitM patron.

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