Beverley McLachlin

March 28, 2018

Coffee 10am | Conversation 10:30am

Vancouver Academy of Music

Tuning In with
Chief Justice
Beverley McLachlin

"Fearless, brilliant, proud of being a pioneering role-model for young women, [McLachlin] … seems destined to be known as leading one of the most influential courts in the history of Canadian law."

Beverley McLachlin is our longest serving Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, now in her 17th year, and the first woman to hold the position. Previous to that she was Chief Justice of the B.C. Supreme Court, and a distinguished law professor at UBC’s Law School.

But in addition to her distinguished role as Chief Justice, Beverley McLachlin is a passionate music lover. From her childhood growing up on a ranch near Pincher Creek, Alberta, she first sang the Hallelujah Chorus in high school and a light went on, sparking a life-long love of choral and vocal music. Studying law at the University of Alberta, she fell in love with opera, a passion that she continues to pursue in the great opera houses of the world. And at her home in Ottawa, a grand piano has pride of place in her living room, and she still plays for her own pleasure, especially Bach, Debussy and Ravel. Her love of music feeds her soul and her heart, even as she presides over our Supreme Court, and claims that it helps her in thinking through complex legal and constitutional issues.