Krakauer/Tagg Duo

February 15–17, 2017

Coffee 10am | Concert 10:30am

Vancouver Academy of Music

Krakauer/Tagg Duo
Breath & Hammer

David Krakauer, clarinet
with Kathleen Tagg, piano

"David Krakauer is such an overwhelmingly expressive clarinetist who moves so seamlessly between different genres that for a minute you’d almost think that there’s no appreciable difference between jazz, klezmer and formal classical music."

Grammy-nominated artist David Krakauer has been praised internationally as a key innovator in modern klezmer as well as a major voice in classical music. Known simply as “Krakauer” to his fervent following, he is nothing less than an American original who has embarked on a tremendous journey transforming the music of his Eastern European Jewish heritage into something uniquely contemporary. That journey has lead Krakauer to an astounding diversity of projects and collaborations ranging from solo appearances with orchestras to major festival concerts with his own improvisation based bands.

Krakauer and Kathleen Tagg, South-African-born pianist, composer, and producer, have been performing together as a duo since 2012, in a range of musical styles. Their latest project, “Breath and Hammer,” is an innovative re-imagining of the traditional clarinet and piano recital that integrates folk and improvisation-based music with classical masterworks.